September 11th 2001, I was in Calculus I at Southwestern Michigan College. Classes were cancelled and I rushed to a friend’s house to see the news. I knew we had been attacked, and that made us mad as hell. All we wanted was to find out who did it so we could strike back.
Now, twelve years later, we can see that we lost more than the 3,000+ individuals who died that day. We have lost the freedoms of 300,000,000. We were attacked not only by enemies on the outside, we were attacked by enemies on the inside. Our leadership played into these terrorists’ hands by eliminating the very freedoms we were told that we were attacked for. In hindsight, it appears that the terrorists have won at this point. The Constitution is no longer followed; the Bill of Rights is in shambles. We now are a nation that follows a policy of pre-emptive war, otherwise known as offensive war. We have lost our moral standing among our neighbors in the world. Since 9/11, we have fallen headfirst into a surreal topsey -turvey world where wrong is right, slavery is freedom, the loss of privacy is the expectation, freedom from speech is the norm. Our police have become militarized, and we hear that those who want liberty are now terror suspects. We are told that we must relinquish our rights for the safety of our nation when in fact, our government has but one job and that is to secure our rights. It is illogical to think that by giving up our rights we are safer or more secure. This course only leads to abject slavery and the destruction of the individual. As our Rights disappear, we become less and less secure.

We do a disservice to those that died on September 11th 2001 by not standing up to our Representatives and Government. When we remain silent while they steal our freedoms, we give the victory to the terrorists.

Where is Fred?

Here we are in the last days of August, and Fred Upton is nowhere to be found. Usually, August is a time for Town Hall meetings across the country where representatives are able to speak directly to the concerns of their constituents. In Michigans’s 6th Congressional District we have to ask, “Where is Fred?” It is disheartening to learn of all the time he has spent in the first six months of this year flitting from fundraiser to fundraiser throughout the USA from Florida to Michigan to New York, raising money through his Pac T.R.U.S.T. (Team Republicans Using Sensible Tactics). Catering these events alone cost Upton’s TRUST PAC $88,000. He seems to have plenty of time and money when it comes to courting big business. Here’s a look at who he does have time for, according to Kent Cooper’s post on Political Moneyline, “Major bundles of contributions included $25,000 from five executives of Cheniere Energy; $17,250 from 32 executives of Exelon Corporation; $15,000 from two executives and a spouse at Koch Industries; $12,000 from six executives of Pfizer Inc.; and $12,000 from three executives and a spouse at Castle Harlan Inc.

Besides the individual donors, Cheniere Energy Inc. PAC gave $5,000, and Koch Industries Inc. PAC gave $5,000.

Other contributions included $5,000 each from the PACs of the following companies: AT&T Inc., Comcast Corporation, DTE Energy Company, Duke Energy Corporation, Entergy Corporation, T-Mobile USA Inc., among others. Several giving $2,500 included Clear Channel Communications Inc., General Electric Company, Verizon Communication Inc., Viacom International Inc., among others.”

When the event has the promise of a checkbook Fred can find his GPS and show up, but when it’s the People he is supposed to be representing, he cannot be found. Next time you would like to speak to Fred, just turn on your TV set and talk to one of his many campaign commercials that are already running, or better yet, I am sure we will find a whole forest of mail in the coming months from his campaign about how Upton is for all of US… those of US with checkbooks, that is. (Information for this letter came from Kent Cooper at Political Moneyline)